Company Certified by ISO 9001 since 2004.

Company Certified by NP4427 since 2009.

Training entity certified by DGERT in various training areas.

National Benchmarking Consultants certified by IAPMEI.

National Innovation Scoring Consultants.

Initial Pedagogical Training Course of IEFP recognized Trainers – Employment and Vocational Training Institute (in update).

Superior Technical Course on Occupational Health and Safety, approved by the ACT – Authority for Working Conditions.

Entity accredited by the IFDEP – Institute for the Promotion and Development of Entrepreneurship in Portugal, as consultants.

Meat Handlers Course recognized by the National Federation of Meat Traders Associations – FNACC.

Finaccount is an entity accredited to execute applications for the Innovation, Internationalization and Entrepreneurship Vouchers, by IAPMEI.