exists to provide training and consulting services in the areas of business management using innovative tools and tools, contributing to the development of men and organizations.

Finaccount – Business Consulting & Training
, recognizes quality as a priority vector for achieving the company’s objectives, stimulating the involvement and commitment of all employees.

Thus, it promotes a company culture based on compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to a task of seriousness and valorization of each one’s work either individually or as a group, while seeking to attract, maintain and continuously develop their human resources.

Aware of its market position and its client’s importanceo, Finaccount seeks the continuous improvement of the quality of its services and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and Human Resources.

Finaccount’s Quality and Human Resources Management System privileges four key aspects:

Clients: Serve them in a personalized way, satisfying their needs, expectations and demands, creating partnership relationships while achieving the objectives.

Collaborators: Considered as the most important and strategic element for the maintenance and growth of the company. Engagement with people’s performance is fostered, leading them to a commitment to an excellence performance of customer value creation. For that, there is an investment in the qualification and valuation of employees, favoring the active participation of all in the improvement of the Management System, promoting:

– a proactive culture,

– preventive action,

– the development of innovative solutions, which can lead to customer satisfaction, with a minimization of operating costs.

Community: Create trust relations with clients, business partners and communities in general, with respect for the ethical principles of business, and social and cultural values ​​of the Community.

Partners: Satisfy the profitability demands of their own capitals.