Consulting Services

Business and Corporate

The ability to recognize and seize opportunities as well as identify and eliminate weaknesses are critical factors in the success of the business. Finaccount has a well experienced team that has a vast knowledge that allows them to search for optimized solutions that will maximize the effectiveness of the results and the efficiency in the management of the resources, thus reducing the degree of uncertainty of the results.

Finanças Empresariais

The finances, as the center of the organization, need to have permanently updated information. Technical expertise becomes critical to the success of organizations.

The complexity of the markets and the diversity of products require a  constant concern and demand for new tools and solutions to optimize results.

Areas of expertise:

> Financial Evaluation
> Consolidation and Financial reporting
> Budget Management
> Project Finance
> Audit
> Planning and management control
> Business Evaluation


The sustained development of companies forces them to base their investment decisions in the medium and long term. The analysis of all the variables in an integrated way allows for an evaluation of all the factors that influence the company.

Finaccount has investment analysis models, allowing the simulation of different scenarios, using different variables and ratios, thus enabling a strong reduction of uncertainty.

Areas of expertise:

> Evaluation of business ideas and repercussions for promoting companies
> Framework for investments in national and Community Support Programs
> Elaboration of investment projects, targeting financial institutions, official bodies and private companies
> Monitoring the implementation of investment projects
> Analysis and evaluation of investment projects
> Preparation of application dossiers under the existing incentive programs, monitoring and financial control
> Negotiations with financial entities such as banks, leasing companies, venture capital companies, mutual guarantee societies and factoring companies
> Framework and preparation of applications for the IEFP, QREN, POPH, PROMAR, POVT, PRODER


The long-term competitive performance of any organization therefore depends on the correct formulation and implementation of its strategic guidelines.

At Finaccount, we support organizations defining and implementing streamlined strategies to maximize results in the short, medium and long term.

Enterprise Transformation

Companies are constantly changing as a result of adopting new strategies, people, processes, technologies and new products.

Finaccount offers a variety of methodologies that enable swift and effective implementation of new organizational changes, the introduction of new processes and the adaptation to new technologies.

Marketing & Vendas

Achieve more effective and efficient marketing by aligning your company’s marketing and business strategies. Coordinate, know customers well, focus on the variables of marketing-mix, improve sales forces are increasingly important in modern management. Our consultants can help you select and implement business models to enable better performance of processes, people, sales and implementing performance measurement measures.

Areas of activity:

> Strategic Segmentation
> Customer Lifecycle Management
> Performance Evaluation
> Sales Strategy and Channels
> Business Policy
> Market Research
> Brand Evaluation

Quality Environment & Social

The continuous improvement is seen in companies as a critical factor through the introduction of new processes and new products.

The Finaccount team provides personalized services to the needs of our clients for the implementation of Management systems, with a view to certification according to the specific regulatory system.

Areas of expertise:

> ISO 9001
> ISO 14001
> ISO 45001
> ISO 20000
> ISO 27001
> NP 4413
> NP 4427
> NP 4457
> IATF – 16949
> SA 8000
> ISO 22000
> ISO 50001
> Integrated systems

Process Reengineering

Knowledge of organizations’ systems allows for the implementation of measures to reduce costs, increase incomes and make organizations more efficient. Finaccount has a variety of methodologies that allow you to define and implement new processes to optimize processes.

Manufacturing execution and optimization

This model intends to define a master plan to optimize the productive capacity and all the relationships from the moment of purchase of raw materials to the commercialization of the final product.

The Manufacturing Execution and Optimization process includes different methodologies ranging from the strategic component to the operational component:

> Production Management
> Production plan
> Lean Manufacturing
> 5S’
> Six Sigma

Our action allows:

> Reduction of production cycles
> Reduced setup times
> Reduction of defects

Logistics and Stocks Execution and Optimization

The logistics and warehousing business area is now focused on optimizing end-to-end processes to meet the constant needs of customers and to maximize results through tight control of costs. Finaccount constantly seeks to coordinate all the relationships between the needs of different subjects. The result is an end-to-end solution that allows full management including the Supply Chain concept, while allowing the monitoring and optimization of relationships. The implementation of this system allows for significant improvement of customer service, increased production flexibility and multitasking of tasks.

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is an instrument whose objective is to develop a system for assessing organizational performance, thus enabling the monitoring and evaluating  of the strategic implementation, encouraging communication, motivation and strategic alignment of initiatives at the operational level.