Human Capital

Many companies think of their own business in absolute terms, their assets, their profits, their costs, but they do not consider that without people there are no companies. It is in human capital that the company’s potential is centered.

Areas of expertise:

  • Human Resource Management;
  • Professional qualification. 


Human resource Management

The Human Capital of a company represents a precious and determinant resource in the continuous and sustained growth of the organizations, by creating added value for the clients and efficiency of the processes, thus contributing in an active way to the success of the businesses.

Areas of expertise:

  • Implementation of performance evaluation systems
  • Implementation of human resource management systems;
  • Definition of Human Capital policies;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Human Capital Management;
  • Organizational management.


Professional qualification

Finaccount currently has thousands of hours of training and experience of training interventions at national and international level:

Areas of expertise:

  • Inter-Company Training;
  • Intra-company Training;
  • Training Needs Diagnosis;
  • Training activities Planning;
  • The organization and promotion of training interventions;
  • Development of training interventions;
  • Training Evaluation;
  • Elaboration and management of applications for a training incentive system.

Finaccount, a registered trademark of the focosultores, is an entity accredited by DGERT.

Consult here the 2019 training plan