Training and managing people

Assessment of skills and competences, along with analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate employee performance over a specific period. We handle the entire diagnostic process, define the model, tools and indicators to be applied, and provide support during implementation within the company.

> Organizational Climate Diagnosis: Indicates how satisfied and motivated a company’s employees are. This resource enables the planning of actions to improve the work environment and increase productivity.
> Definition of the Performance Evaluation Model: Performance evaluation is a method that aids in employee development and a way to value individuals within the company, through a structured process guided by metrics and with an impact on results. Adapting the model to the company’s characteristics and activities is crucial for recognising employees and the success of the initiative.
> KPI Dashboard Creation:  KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a highly relevant metric for measuring the performance of a strategy and management processes. We collaborate with the client company to develop KPIs for evaluating the performance of teams and functional areas within the company.
> Tool Definition and Development: Choosing or developing the appropriate software tool for operationalising the performance evaluation system is crucial for its functionality and ongoing monitoring.
> On-Ground Implementation Support: After the performance evaluation model is defined and implemented, it should be adjusted and optimised according to circumstances dictated by the company’s normal operation, through a process of continuous improvement.

We seek the best candidates to fill the positions offered by companies, presenting up to 5 selected candidates for the employer’s final decision.
> Recruitment: We develop processes to identify and attract potential workers for the company, tailored to the specific requirements of the position, as well as the values and organisational culture of each company.
> Selection: We select resumes, choosing the candidates best prepared to meet the employer’s requirements.

We prepare company employees to be more autonomous in their roles, particularly in decision-making and responsibility, through modern training, coaching, and motivation methods.

Publication of training proposals, including plans, target audience, and schedules.